[3.16] The Rainbow CoC v2

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2. About 3. Gem links



The Rainbow CoC is my “Eternity Shroud Spectral Throw CoC Eye of Winter” build that I made for memes, but ended up getting it to endgame since it performed so well. You can read about 3.15 version here.

Initially this build was created during The Dark Times™ (also know as 3.15 patch) and changes introduced in 3.16 made it better. It deals a bit more damages, has more EHP and there is a lot more flexibility with passive tree setup.

3.17 plans for this build

  • got nerfed while got buffed – those changes should result in net zero DPS
  • got deleted from the game – this is a pretty major blow to any build, but it’s possible that will take it’s role. If not, then ring slot and a bunch of passives related to chaining get freed-up
  • To compensate for 3.17 changes I’m planning to try fitting + + additional aura (probably ). should be comfortable enough with this build’s recovery – also is an option since we can get rid of most ailments easily.
  • The new Polaric Devastation ring might enable complete build redesign – even though it can’t be shaper-influenced it could still work within a build (or it might push me to drop completely and just scale Cold and Fire)


  • Great scaling with gear – you can go crazy with double influenced gear
  • Great recovery – you are either at max HP or dead, no in-between
  • Flexible – can spec into more damage or more survivability
  • Only 4 buttons – most buffs and utility spells are automated
  • Fast – can zoom
  • Looks cool AF (objectively, confirmed by the judges)


  • Not a league-starter – never league-start a or build.
  • Needs to reach CDR, Accuracy, Crit and Attack Speed breakpoints to even function (like any other build)
  • Requires good positioning – like with all builds you need to keep proper distance from your target to maximize hit rate. This is due to projectile deceleration mechanic
  • Very weak against physical damage – no armor
  • You move or you die – even with and every Life node you will need to keep moving around to stay alive
  • Burns retinas, causes epilepsy attacks – consult your doctor first

About offence

For Damage this build triggers using + with 10 cast/sec frequency. Scaling comes from:

  • Flat Cold and Fire damage added to spells
  • Cold, Cold to Fire, and Elemental to Chaos conversion (standard shenanigans)
  • Crit and Crit Multi
  • Increasing projectile count

About positioning

To maximize DPS needs to stop deceleration at intended target and not overshoot it, while needs to either stop at the target or overshoot it a little bit. To get this behavior we need to manipulate projectile speed. Luckily 3.16 added “15% less projectile speed” – this, plus anomalous quality with increased projectile speed is enough to get proper behavior. Just don’t take “Projectile Speed” increases anywhere else.

About chaining

Until 3.17 this build took advantage of chaining projectiles between target and . With 3.17 either will take it’s place as chaining target or there will be no chaining abuse at all. But assuming there is – we want to use Snakepit to enable spell chains and then take node to increase range.

About defense

Defense is straight forward:

  • Pure Life – taking every Life node possible
  • Pure Evasion – running aura
  • Recovery from on-hit life gain – mostly from , but also from and nodes
  • Recovery from

Gem links

(or for single target)




Wither setup

Dagger triggers


Only flasks changed since 3.15, other gear stays the same.


  • As base we want for good balance of attack speed and crit chance.
  • We want both knives to have more-or-less the same crit chance (I messed up and so is scuffed).
  • Both daggers should have Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill mod. Pretty much all utility spells are triggered this way in this build. Keep in mind that 8 sek cooldown is affected by CDR (which we are stacking), and it applies to each socketed spells separately. Also since triggered spells consume mana now you can put lvl 8 into one of the weapons for high buff uptime.)
  • For big dps increase we want Non-Chaos -> Chaos and Elemental -> Chaos conversion mods.
  • Accuracy enchant is pretty nice for reaching 100% hit chance.


  • We want Shaper + Warlord double influence for the mandatory +1 to Maximum Power Charges mod.
  • 30% reduced Spectral Throw Projectile Deceleration – This enchant is necessarily required, by it makes reaching max trigger rate much, much easier.

Body Armor

  • is the core of build’s dps scaling.
  • Gain #% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage per Shaper Item Equipped needs to be perfectly rolled.


Nothing special here, could make better ones with double influence. Pretty much all conqueror influences have some good mods on gloves.


  • Only required mod here is #% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate.
  • You have Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently provides big dps increase.


Only required mod here is #% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate. Ideal base would have been .


Needs to have:
  • Non-Channeling Skills have -# to Total Mana Cost – coz eats mana.
  • anoint – we can’t really reach it naturally, so we need to anoint it.


  • – Required for the + combo. Needs to be shaper-influenced.
  • needs to have Non-Channelling Skills have -# to Total Mana Cost mod.
  • Shaper influence also opens Adds # to # Cold Damage against Chilled or Frozen Enemies prefix, so get that if possible.


  • – Required due to the Non-Channelling Skills have -9 to Total Mana Cost mod, pretty much mandatory for builds in 3.15.
  • – Required for the keystone.
  • – with the +# Life gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Vitality mod. This is our main source of recovery, it can top us off instantly.
  • Other jewels can fill life, mana and damage stats.


Nothing special here – life + utility flasks. can be easily replaced.