Horadric Helper v0.13 – Features update

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In this update I’ve added new Atlas Keystones (now waiting for Atlas Masteries 😑) and Divination Cards support.

Atlas Keystones

Accessible by setting type property to atlas keystone in the config. It works like every other passive.

See the Pen Atlas Keystone by Meta is Beta (@meta-is-beta) on CodePen.

Divination Cards

Div Card’s data can be copied from the game like any other item (CTRL+C while hovering over item in you inventory). Only quirk is that the game data does not include any information about color of Card’s text. To work around this I made it so that you can set color of each line by putting (color) at the end. Available colors are: normal, magic, rare, unique, gem and corrupted.

See the Pen Divination Card by Meta is Beta (@meta-is-beta) on CodePen.


  • Replica items imported from the game will now automatically get “replica” influence icon.

See the Pen Untitled by Meta is Beta (@meta-is-beta) on CodePen.