[3.12] Frostblink Totems

Welcome to my Frostblink Totems guide!

This guide was originally posted by me on official PoE forum (link), I’ve moved it here as a test run for this blog.

Disclaimer! This is a meme build. I’ve created it to explore mechanics, synergies and just to see if I could make it work. I would strongly discourage replicating it for any reason other than curiosity.

Table Of Contents

1. Overview 4. Gear
2. Build 5. Mechanics
3. Gems


Build idea

This build uses with as it’s main skill. This results in totems jumping all over the screen at random directions and distances while dealing surprising amounts of damage and freezing pretty much everything they touch.




Alira – everything she grants is very useful.

Main Tree

  • For damage we are focused on Crit, Crit Multi and Power Charges.
  • For survivability we want to go with Life.
  • Most important keystone is and should be taken asap.
  • After that for a huge dps boost.
  • should be taken when and are equipped.


We are going Hierophant due to very strong totems synergy.
We also want mana regen and aliment immunity from the branch.

Ascendancy priorities

DPS Calculation

PoB will only calculate damage from a single, average hit of .
To get accurate dps we need to account for cooldown and how many totems there are.
This is the formula: Average Hit / Cooldown x Totem Count = DPS

Keep in mind that this does not account for cooldown reduction from ‘s effect. It also does not account for debuff, which can be very substantial, especially on bosses.

Gem links

Main 7-link

(from ) ┄ ┄ Last support can be (more CD reduction) or (more damage)

Mines 4-link

(lvl 1) ┄

Auras 3-link

(lvl 3+)

Vaal auras 3-link

Defensive 3-link

(lvl 3) ┄ (lvl 1) ┄

Movement 2-link




Void Battery is required due to strong synergy with Crit and Power Charge scaling.


Atziri’s Reflection is required for it’s “Unaffected by Curses” effect for setup.


Any good helm with cooldown reduction enhancement.

Body armour

Required, this is core of spell-based totem builds.


Highly recommended due to synergy with .


Required due to cooldown reduction. And since they are from Blight you can apply anointment to them.


Any gloves with good life and resistances is fine. You can also use Incursion gloves for more DPS.


Highly recommended due to huge dps increase and blind.


Any ring with good life and resistances is good. This is also a good slot to get Dexterity.


– Required, as it will grant us .
– Required due cooldown reduction from “50% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate of Movement Skills used while affected by Haste” mod.
– Required due to setup.


Only required flasks are Life and Diamond. Rest is highly recommended due to big dps and survivability increases, but can be replaced.


Totems + Frostblink interactions

  • has a base cooldown of 2.6s and can store 1 charge. Skills supported by retain their cooldown. This means that without cooldown reduction you can spawn only one totem every 2.6s.
  • When a totem is created it has its own internal cooldown for independent from you or other totems. This means that each totem will teleport whenever possible with base frequency of 2.6s.
  • is an instant skill, which means that will not grant it a second charge. This changes when we put it on a totem (since totems are non-instant). This means that we can store 2 charges of totems.
  • If there are 2 charges available and we are using or we will summon 2 totems and expend both charges.
  • has a mechanic where if it hits any mobs it will have it’s cooldown reduced. When a totem hits with it will have its own internal cooldown reduced, but this cooldown reduction will not affect you or other totems.

Wave of Conviction + Ancestral Bond

To boost our DPS we want to use to instantly apply Cold Exposure.
But since we are using we cannot deal damage ourselves and that prevents from working.
To work around this issue we can use mines. In this case is best, as it also applies a very strong “chance to deal Double Damage” debuff.

Soul Mantle Setup

This is the standard high-end setup for totem builds. It works like this:

  • provides 7-link and +1 to max summoned totems (which is very strong), but it will also give us a curse whenever our totems die.
  • gives us up to 20% increased damage per curse on us (this is a huge dps boost since we are constantly under the effect of multiple curses from ).
  • gives us “Unaffected by Curses” status. This means that we will still get cursed and proc , but those curses will have no effect on us.

Pain Attunement Setup

This is the standard high-end setup for spell-based builds. It works like this:

  • keystone gives us 30% more spell damage if we are on low life.
  • belt permanently curses us with Vulnerability. It also makes it so that we are considered as “low life” while cursed by Vulnerability, which triggers .
  • gives us “Unaffected by Curses” status. This causes to have no effect on us.

Frostblink cooldown reduction

is a very strong skill – it has 140% effectiveness of added damage and very high base damage. Only thing holding it back is it’s huge 2.6s cooldown.
To make this build feel decent we need to push it below 1s. To achieve that we can use:

  • boots – they can grant up to 80% increased recovery rate.
  • – with mod “50% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate of Movement Skills used while affected by Haste”.
  • – “Frostblink has 30% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate
  • anoint – 20% increased recovery rate.
  • – up to 29% increased recovery rate.

Chill, Freeze and Blind

  • is a cold skill which means it can apply chill and freeze ailments. It also has a base 5% crit chance, which means we can easily scale crit and guarantee chill or freeze effects on most mobs (since elemental skills apply their respective ailments whenever they crit). We can also use to boost those ailments and dps.
  • also leaves chilled ground at the start and end of it’s teleport, which applies chill to everything that stands in it.
  • amulet makes it so that you blind everything that is chilled. This works with totems and mines, making it so that everything hit by and will be blinded.
Full-screen blind, chill and freeze on t16 map

Auras + Totems interaction

Auras apply to “nearby allies” – that includes totems.
This means that for example will give our totems in range chance to dodge spell and attack hits.
That’s why we use both and