[3.15] Eye of Winter Orb

Table Of Contents

1. Links 3. Gem links
2. About 4. Gear



This is my first attempt at building around . It provides gameplay kida similar to setup, just with much better on-demand burst and less mana issues.

Main idea is to use to build up stacks and maintain Infusion buff. Then we dump all 5 stacks into for mad burst. is good enough on its own to clear packs, and can be used for rares and bosses.

Few notes:

  • You can easily get seal gain frequency low enough that you can gain full 5 stacks in under 2 sek.
  • consumes mana for only one cast, no matter how many seals are used. This means that our main 6-link is not very mana-hungry. And since Winter Orb is only a 5-link it will also not consume that much mana. This means that should be enough to cover the entire combo’s cost.
  • I’m pretty sure there a viable, alternative version of this build that uses instead of and Deadeye as Ascendancy. It should provide a lot more burst, but worse clear and will lack QoL that comes from playing Occultist.


Unleash 6-Link

Channeling 4-link

Auras 4-link (1)

Auras 4-link (2)

Buffs 3-link

Debuffs 3-link

Vall skill



is required since this build scales with Power Charges.


  • Only required mod here is Skills supported by Unleash have +1 to maximum number of Seals.
  • Additionally getting +1 to Maximum Power Charges would be optimal.
  • Any lab enchant for , or should be fine.


with decent corruption is ideal.
should go into green socket for +10% quality and should go into red socket for +1 level.


Pseudo 6-link for our setup.
Another good option is Shaper’s #% increased Projectile Damage, Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Slower Projectiles mod.


Both Elusive and Onslaught are really nice to have (with Elusive being more important). Nothing special otherwise.


Just a good ol’ Stygian Vise. Life, Resists and Stats – as much as possible.


  • provides a very strong defensive in the form of Blind. It also gives 24% Cold Pen – which is crazy strong. Pretty much required.
  • Anointment is really good when used together with ring mod +1 to Minimum Frenzy Charges. This will give us permanent 2 Frenzy Charges, which we cannot otherwise get due to .


  • is required due to it’s synergy with and . When ‘s projectiles collide with they will chain to the nearest mob instead of spreading. This is a pretty major single-target DPS boost.
  • Since this build is very socket-starved second ring provides both on-hit and a socket for . Also +1 to Minimum Frenzy Charges for a big dps boost. Additionally Adds # to # Cold Damage against Chilled or Frozen Enemies mod is not required, but also provides nice damage.


  • Only flask worth mentioning here is . With the 50% increased effect enchant it will provide 3 additional projectiles and up to 30% increased AoE. Additional projectiles are a massive boost to dps for both and . AoE will also help with ‘s explosion overlap.
  • The rest is just a standard set of utility flasks and a health flask with ailment, bleed and curse immunities.


  • for .
  • with #% of Damage leeched as Life while affected by Vitality mod for synergy with (it allows for over-leeching when less than 50% of life is reserved).
  • Other jewels are for filling Life, Res, Stats and getting Crit Multi.


  • Single – at this point seal gain frequency is affected by heavy diminishing returns, getting any more would be waste in my opinion.
  • One .