[3.15] The Rainbow CoC

This build is about throwing Eye of Winter through the Transcendence Flame Wall for maximum “visual clarity”. It was supposed to be just a meme. But then – by accident – it also became my strongest creation yet. It can clear the entire endgame AND reduce frame rate with incredible efficiency.

[3.15] Eye of Winter Orb

This is my first attempt at building around Divergent Unleash Support. It provides gameplay kida similar to Cast While Channelling setup, just with much better on-demand burst and less mana issues.

[3.12] Frostblink Totems

AKA Totems Flicker Strike Simulator. This build uses Frostblink with Spell Totem Support as it’s main skill. This results in totems jumping all over the screen at random directions and distances while dealing surprising amounts of damage and freezing pretty much everything they touch.