[3.17] Sire of Shards Creeping Frost

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This was my main build for the Siege of The Atlas expansion. I had a lot of fun with it and it managed to clear the entire endgame.

Core idea of this build is very simple – use to shoot projectiles directly under my feet causing them to shotgun and deal massive damage.

Divergent quality of increases projectile count – and with the new amulet in total I can get 7 projectiles (10 when using ).

New ring works nicely with Occultists’ . Against single-target there should be about 41% up-time on the Cover Enemies in Frost effect.

Finally I use + to get , which then lets me apply 40% Chill to everything – including bosses. And thanks to I turn that into 40% increased damage taken.

Gem links

Creeping Frost 6-link

Bonechill 5-link








is the core of the build thanks to the Socketed Gems fire Projectiles in a circle mod. If you mouse-over your character when casting then all projectiles will hit at the exact same location and will all deal damage to whatever is standing on top of you.


is an overall very strong amulet, and +#% to Quality of all Skill Gems mod gives 1 additional projectile for the .


  • for big DPS increase thanks to the Cover Enemies in Frost effect. We can even proc it on bosses thanks to the passive.
  • Rare ring for curse-on-hit

Body armor

is a nice quality-of-life, since the more AoE I have the easiest it is shotgun with all projectiles.


is nice to get some ES to counteract life reservation.


Rare Incursion gloves are really big now. They provide:

  • Exposure
  • Unnerve
  • % DPS increase
  • Life / Resists / Stats


Enchant for AoE is pretty important. This helmet could be either Eldritch influenced to get Adds # to # Cold Damage to Spells or Warlord influenced for +1 to Maximum Power Charges.


Rare Eldritch boots for the Drops Brittle Ground while moving mod. This is an insane DPS increase, and since this is a “melee” build it is possible to get close to 100% up-time on Brittle against most bosses.


  • / for the for big chills against bosses.
  • for – this is a Power Charge build so this is just a raw, massive DPS increase.
  • for the #% of Damage leeched as Life while affected by Vitality mod. Since this is a build I want to have at least one source of leech to keep over-leeching.


  • Main notable flask here is with the #% increased effect enchant. This should give ~33% more dps for the duration, making it the strongest DPS cooldown available.
  • Also for Onslaught since I’m not getting it anywhere else.