[3.17] The Bittermeme – S2Legit’s Legit Build Contest March 2022 Entry

Table Of Contents

1. Build concept 4. Defenses
2. Links 3. Damage
5. Bossfights 6. Budget

Build concept

Core idea of my build is to lean into the high mana-cost of spells socketed into and then turn that cost into self-damage with the helm. This self-damage is used to trigger a bunch of spells with setups. It also results in a bunch of additional regen thanks to Damage recovered as Life/Mana effects and .






  • To get the mana cost as high as possible and to fully utilize supports I went with self-cast as my main skill.
  • One of the skills triggered by is – this combined with the ring allows to chain, which pretty much doubles my damage. (This used to be possible with just Hydrosphere pre-3.15)
  • I’m using amulet which is super strong in this build, since I have a lot of Active Skill Gems in my CWDT setups
  • My regen is so high that I can also run
  • Since I’m using I also get to use
  • I’m dropping Brittle Ground with my boots – this is useful only when I get to stand next to my target, but it’s a massive DPS boost.
  • Depending on multiple factors this build can deal between 1 to 4 mln DPS (with current gear)


  • Since effect deals physical damage I can’t use Armor
  • Instead I’m using block, and with current gear I’m spell-block capped (really good against bosses)
  • I’m using which prevents some of the damage (without messing with CWDT setup)
  • I’m using to get a bunch of ES
  • I’m using ascendancy to get Life and ES regen
  • I’m using Gain life on spell hit and Gain life/mana/es on block effects
  • I’m using and with Life leech when affected by Vitality. And since I’m running that means that I’m constantly overleeching
  • I’m spawning corpses with + and then consuming them with for life and mana regen (+ even more life regen from the node)
  • I’m using to counteract some of the ‘s damage.
  • Build is very vulnerable to big melee physical attacks, effects that prevent regeneration (Maven’s beam) and effects that increase Fire Damage Taken or reduce Fire Resistance (Searing Exarch’s floor runes).
  • Build is very tanky against all spell-based attacks, can tank Sirus’ beam.


  • Sirus – easy, but I didn’t use due to the huge amount of downtime in this fight. I need to spawn corpses to counteract the effect, and that’s annoying when you are constantly running around without casting.
  • Maven – Easy until the last phase, after that it’s very hard. No-regen beams are an insta-death.
  • Eater of Worlds – very easy, can tank everything thanks to spell-block.
  • Searing Exarch – pretty easy, but I couldn’t use due to Reduced Fire Resistance runes. His melee can hurt if it crits though.
  • Black Star – pretty hard, you need to avoid Increased Fire Damage Taken aura that covers half of the arena.
  • Shaper – easy, though the degen-beam is dangerous
  • Infinite Hunger – easy, except of the “mud” phase, but that’s only coz I’m bad
  • Elder – easy


I self-crafted most of rare gear with Rog, Essences and Eldrich orbs and I tried matching their prices to similar items on the market (although that was kinda hard in some cases – for example my ring seems to be 1-of-a-kind since no one wants life gained on spell hit combined with life regen mods).

Here is every item that was worth +20c:

  • ~ 1ex
  • ~ 1ex
  • (self craft) ~ 1ex
  • (self craft) ~ 1ex
  • (self craft) ~ 1ex
  • ~ 100c
  • ~ 80c
  • ~ 50c
  • ~ 50c
  • – 25c
  • – 20c
  • – 20c

In total this build should be worth no more than 8ex.